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St. Gilbert... in Tasmania! News from The Personal Ordinariate of Our Lady of The Southern Cross.

From the website of the Personal Ordinariate of Our Lady of the Southern Cross:

Exciting Potential for New Tasmanian Community

Brother Gilbert Bloomer who is an Ordinariate member in Tasmania and the leader of the Eucharistic Brothers of Divine Will is hoping to attract sufficient interest in the Ordinariate for an Community in Formation, named St Gilbert of Sempringham, to be established in the Apple Isle. He invites interested people to join him and the brothers for Evensong on Sunday evenings at their House of Brothers, 300 Glenbervie Road, DOVER, Tas.

Eventually it is hoped to hold Evensong on one Sunday of the month in the local Church.

Further information is available on the blogspot

Interested Tasmanians (even if you don’t live near Dover) are invited to contact Brother Gilbert on or on Tel. (03) 6298 1477

Brother Gilbert Joseph of the Divine Presence is a member of the Ordinariate and the Littlest Brother (superior) of the Little Eucharistic Brother of Divine Will and has had a great devotion to St Gilbert of Sempringham since 1994.

Part of the inspiration for the Little Eucharistic Brothers of Divine Will was St Gilbert of Sempringham and Gilbertine spirituality (which is seeing a revival in some spiritual circles).

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St. Gilbert in Calgary, AB! (Order of Saint Gilbert)


Saint Thomas More Catholic Church, Scranton, PA

Saint Thomas More Catholic Church, Scranton, PA
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